Better With Every Ride

ShorePort drive-on personal watercraft storage platforms are built to get you on and off of the water faster. Built to ensure that your next on the water adventure is always just a few steps away. Built to allow you to ride places and do things others only dream of. Built to be Better With Every Ride.

ShorePort Drive-On Personal Watercraft Storage

ShorePort is the quickest and most convenient way to dry-dock your jet ski after a long day on the water. Three polyethylene rollers allow you to easily drive onto the ShorePort with a gentle flick of the throttle, and when you’re ready to ride again, simply push off to launch.

It is easy to own too, the modular, rotationally molded construction means the ShorePort requires virtually no maintenance, and its deep textured surface drains water back to the lake or river to keep your waverunner clean and dry. An 8″ tie-down cleat allows you to quickly and easily store your PWC for extended periods of time between rides.

The platform can be attached to nearly any floating dock system, and ShorePort works great with any standing or wheel-in style dock system. Simply position the ShorePort alongside, or perpendicular to your dock system for quick and convenient access to your jetski or waverunner.

ShorePort Drive On PWC Storage Features

  • Premium stability for safe, and easy loading and launching
  • Virtually maintenance-free ownership saves you time and money
  • Safe, textured, slip-resistant surface allows for easy access to your PWC
  • Three polyurethane rollers allow smooth loading and launching
  • Two mid-section rollers are adjustable to accommodate virtually any PWC or jet ski hull style
  • Rear roller makes for easy transitions from the water to storage on the ShorePort
  • Versatile design fits a wide range of personal watercraft and waverunners
  • Variety of anchoring options to suit just about any shoreline
  • Hydrophobic vent accommodates changing climates and temperatures
  • Cool-to-the-touch tan color looks great while remaining durable
  • Variety of anchoring options to suit nearly any installation
  • Environmentally friendly production


  • Capacity: 1,150 lbs. – 1,450 lbs.*
  • Length: 138″
  • Width: 58″
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • *Standard capacity is 1,150 lbs. additional capacity provided by supplemental flotation in 100 lb increments up to 1,450 lbs.

Technical Information

Each platform is rotationally molded for durability and ease-of-use. The ShorePort structure consists of a polyethylene single cavity, hollow, non-foam filled float structure with an integrated deck surface and float. The deck surface features a textured walking surface, and hull shaped PWC storage location. Rollers are comprised of polyurethane for durability and smooth operation. ShorePort features a nominal wall thickness of .250 inches.

Shoreport Platform Diagram

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