Richmond Lakes


The City of Richmond MN is conveniently located at the Heart of the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes, just a few minutes west of St. Cloud, and is known locally for great access to a variety of surface waters via the many water accesses in this area.


The Horseshoe Chain of Lakes has been a well-loved vacation destination for many throughout the years. This chain contains over a dozen lakes along the Sauk River and has long been known boaters in Central Minnesota as one of the fishing, boating and resort locations near St. Cloud. Some of the amazing lakes within this area that have convenient water accesses include Horseshoe Lake, Big Lake, Cedar Island Lake, North Browns Lake, and Long Lake.


Horseshoe Lake

The chain begins as the river enters into Horseshoe Lake and begins the 9.5-mile journey until it reaches Knaus Lake near Cold Spring. Horseshoe Lake has a public boat access right off Co. Hwy 22 which many fishermen use to get out on the water to catch fish such as walleye, northern pike, and crappie. It’s also been reported that people have caught bluegill and smallmouth bass here as well! And with 550 acres of water to explore on Horseshoe Lake, it’s no wonder so many fishermen and boaters alike keep coming back.


Big Lake

Big Lake located only 3 miles southwest of Richmond contains nearly 400 acres of lake and has an access located on the south end of the lake off of Co. Hwy 43 and Edgeton Rd. Big Lake is known for its walleye, bluegill, crappie, and sunfish that fill the lake.

Big Lake is a popular lake destination for pontoon and speed boaters alike as both get to take in the amazingly beautiful shoreline that this lake’s able to boast.


North Brown Lake

North Brown Lake, while isn’t quite connected to the Chain of Lakes, is close enough to be a favorite of local residents and visitors alike. Being only 7 miles south of Richmond, MN there are many reasons why over 100 residents stay here year-round. North Brown Lake is 325 acres of fun and solitude; in the summer you’ll find residents swimming, fishing, water skiing, and just relaxing while cruising the waters.

North Brown Lake is great for fishing as it has a diverse fish population of sunnies, crappies, largemouth bass, channel catfish, northern pike, and even walleye.


Long Lake

Long Lake consists of 460 acres of beautiful open water. During the typical summer afternoon, you’ll see pontoons, speedboats pulling rafts, and of course fisherman! In this lake you’ll find crappie, northern pike, and even the common carp, making this the place to fish.


Cedar Island Lake

Cedar Island Lake has been a famous fishing destination longer than it has been known for the multiple resorts in the area. Walleye, muskie, northern pike, bass, crappie, bluegill, and channel catfish have all been spotted. The lake basin offers a variety of bottom conditions ideal for specific species with 1 public boat launch available to use, and resorts have their own boat ramps as well. Some of the resorts may rent boats to non-guests, but most are reserved for their patrons. For guaranteed boat rental to get you out on the lake, call Westre’s. This lake has bays are ideal for canoeing and kayaking as well.


If you’re in the area are looking to get out on the lake during the warmer months, call Westre’s Marine for affordable boating rental to accommodate any boating needs. We’ll help you get on any of the public accesses on lakes near Richmond such as Horseshoe, Big, North Brown, Long, and Cedar Island Lake. When you need to rent a boat, call Westre’s!