Paynesville Lakes

Lake Koronis:


Lake Koronis is known for its Walleye fishing and reports of 3-4 pound Walleyes caught here aren’t rare. Northern Pike, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, Tullibee, and Perch are other game fish sportsmen enjoy from the lake.


Lake Koronis is one of the furthest southern glacial lakes in the United States. This means that it was created by the force of a prehistoric glacier which carved its way to this location and ultimately melted, forming Lake Koronis, the islands, and the diverse shoreline. The lake reaches a depth of 134 feet. The Koronis Lake Association and the Paynesville Sportsman’s Club are very active local organizations with a strong interest in the protection and improvement of this beautiful natural resource. The Association has been active for 30 years in restoration and improvement projects including fish stocking and rough fish removal.


There are a few ways you can access Lake Koronis with your boat: Highway 55 State Water Access Site, Lake Park State Water Access Site, and County Park State Water Access Site, offering recreational access to local residents and visitors. There are also 2 resorts located on the lake for recreational enjoyment.


The entire lake is navigable for all kinds of recreational boating crafts including sailboats, pontoons and run-a-bouts. Boat traffic on Lake Koronis remains uncrowded even on the most popular holiday weekends. There is ample space for fishing enthusiasts and water skiers alike. These pursuits have resulted in a marked improvement in the overall water quality of Lake Koronis as demonstrated through ongoing water clarity tests and diagnostic studies in conjunction with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


If you’re in the area, stop by Lake Koronis this summer and hit the water! It’s sure to be a wonderful time on this beautiful lake!



Rice Lake:


Rice Lake is located in the mid-central part of Stearns County in Central Minnesota. The lake is 23 miles west of St. Cloud on County Highway 23, just past Richmond and Cold Spring Mn. This shallow lake is home to 19 different species of fish with Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye, and Sunnies in abundance.


There are 2 public accesses on the lake.  The south access is off of Stearns County Rd 34 and Hwy 55.  It is the deeper access of the two with plenty of parking.  It’s located close to where the Crow River flows both in and out of the lake.


The second access is the West access in Schauman’s Bay. It is located off of Cross Creek Road/263rd Avenue and 180th Avenue.  This is a shallow access with parking for 20 vehicles. Along with the 2 public accesses, there are also boat landings at Fisher’s Resort and Morningstar Campgrounds.


The Rice Lake Association formed over 35 years ago and has spent that time on projects to improve water quality and rough fish removal. Through their efforts, the lake continues to be a beautiful and desirable recreational destination for locals and visitors alike.