Avon Area Lakes


Big/Upper Spunk Lake:

Big Spunk Lake, also called Upper Spunk Lake, is located near Avon Mn in Stearns County. The lake is 415 acres in size and about 38 feet deep. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish on this lake including Black Bullhead, Bluegill, Brown Bullhead, Green Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Perch, just to name a few.


There are 2 public Water Accesses for Big Spunk Lake. The first, Big Spunk Lake County Park Public Access Site, is just south of Avon on County Road 9. This site is on the South side of the lake and has 20 vehicle parking spaces and a boat ramp. The second, Big Spunk Lake Public Water Access Site, is on the Northwest shore of the lake. It is the smaller of the 2 and has a concrete ramp, 6 vehicle parking spots, and a dock.


You’ll also be able to enjoy the quaint and scenic Upper Spunk Lake County Park which has a picnic area and canoe access! As it’s a great fishing lake, you’ll love getting your boat out and casting your line on Big Spunk Lake!



Middle Spunk Lake:

Middle Spunk Lake is home to several species of fish that anglers will have a blast catching! At 81 feet deep at its deepest, this lake has it all!


You can access the lake from the Middle Spunk Lake Public Water Access Site which is on the west side of Avon but on the East shore of the lake. There is a concrete ramp, 3 vehicle parking spaces, and 3 vehicle/trailer parking spaces.


The City of Avon boasts one of the few public beaches in the area and that beach is located on Middle Spunk Lake! The beach is nearly connected to the Lake Wobegon Trail which runs from Sauk Centre to Avon and from Avon to St. Joseph. The beach is patrolled by uniformed officers to ensure your visit is family-friendly and comfortable! The Avon Public Beach has picnic areas and restrooms so you can enjoy the lake all day!


Whether you’re looking for great fishing, family beach time, boating, or just plain old relaxing, you’ll find it on Middle Spunk Lake!



Lower Spunk Lake:

At its deepest, Lower Spunk Lake reaches about 28 feet. You’ll find a variety of fish in this lake including Sunfish, Bullheads, Bass, Pike, Perch, and Crappies.


You can access the lake through the Lower Spunk Lake Public Water Access Site located on the South shore of the Lake, west of Avon on County Road 157. There is a concrete ramp, 8 vehicle parking spaces, 8 vehicle/trailer parking spaces, a dock, and restroom.


When the summer heat gets to be too much or, if you want to enjoy a relaxing day, get your boat and cool down at Lower Spunk Lake!



Ochotto Lake:

Ochotto Lake is 40 acres in size and, at its deepest, is 40 feet. You can expect to catch Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye, and Perch, just to name a few!


You can access the lake from the Ochotto Lake Public Water Access Site which is just North of Avon, off of CSAH 9, on the South shore of the lake. You’ll find a concrete ramp with 10 vehicle parking spaces, 6 vehicle/trailer parking spaces, and a dock.


Take your boat out to Ochotto Lake for fishing, fun, or just to relax!